Cannabis architect

Cannabis Facility Design

We provide professional design & project management services for manufacturing, cultivation, dispensaries, and labs.

Limit your exposure to the endless regulatory changes by building a code compliant facility. Non-compliant facilities may be shut down at any moment because they are not meeting basic code requirements. For example, labs may get shut down by Public Works for not filtering their waste water adequately. Similarly, a fire marshal can shut down a cultivation facility due to not meeting egress requirements. In rural jurisdictions, a fire marshal may hold a project hostage if he or she is unfamiliar with C1D1 rooms. A modest cost increase to build a code compliant facility is pennies compared lost revenue due to remodeling. Plus, remodeling introduces contaminants (dust, mold or other strains) that could be catastrophic.

We work with knowledgeable consultants, engineers and installers to ensure your project operates efficiently. If you are interested in environmental stewardship, such as providing 100% of your own electricity, or optimizing water use, then we are particularly interested in working with you.


Our services include:

1. Planning & Licensing application assistance

2. Strategic Planning & Community Outreach

3. Planning Commission & City Council assistance

4. Consultant Coordination

5. ADA Accessibility

6. Fire & Egress

7. Health Department regulations (State & Local)

8. Security Planning assistance

9. Wet Labs, Solventless Extraction, C1D1, Edible & Non-Edible

10. Project Management, Schedule & Budget

11. Bidding, Negotiation, Contractor & Subcontractor coordination

12. Construction Contracts & Administration


Plus we have 20 years of experience with sustainability and green building, including 18 LEED certified projects and many Net Zero Energy buildings.

Renewable Energy Systems

Water Efficiency & Waste Water Treatment

Indoor Environmental Quality

Green Materials

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