We work with public and private institutions to create high performance educational & sports facilities as well as green master plans. We are delighted to have an opportunity to contribute to the learning environments of our young people. Whether implementing on-site renewable energy strategies, water conservation measures, or improving indoor air quality, Frequently our school project work spans years over multiple phases of a Master Plan.

It is an honor to participate in K-12 and higher education projects. We are inspired by our educators and students. We respond to program, site, climate, solar orientation, natural ventilation, passive heating and cooling, durability, moisture management, and indoor air quality. Our projects seek to produce as much energy as they consume, clean the air, grow habitat and food, process their own waste. We specify natural materials with low embodied energy, such as reclaimed wood and recycled content products locally produced. By reducing our ecological footprint, we educate younger generations about investing in the natural capital of the earth, rather than depleting her resources.