Entitlements Services

For 25 years we have been designing and approving projects in the most contentious jurisdictions in California and Hawaii, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Marin, Santa Barbara, Santa Lucia, Los Altos, Tahoe and Big Sur. Whether you are building a residence, school, or commercial building, we have the experience, strategy and resources to design and navigate entitlements approval. Our team helps identify silent power brokers, and build consensus within neighborhoods and regulatory bodies. In addition to design services, common entitlements services include:

Strategic Planning


Neighbor Negotiations

Planning Director relationships

Design Review Coordination

Crafting Conditions of Approval

Use Permit Approvals

Planned Development Districts & Zoning

Planning Commission Hearings & Presentations

City Council Hearings & Presentations

When hired to manage entitlements, we typically coordinate the entire project team, which may include:

Planning Consultant

Parking and Traffic Consultant

Land Use Attorney


Historic Preservation Architect